Sunday, 6 July 2008

The Shire hosts the Cross

We began this morning at St Patrick’s Parish in Sutherland. There was an awesome crowd gathered and many people were able to join us for the procession to Scylla Bay Reserve.

Here we had some time for prayer and veneration. It was wonderful to see bystanders come up to find out about what was going on. One lady was thrilled to see the Cross on her 70th Birthday!

We crossed the Como Bridge over the Georges River towards the Oatley Memorial Gardens. What a welcome sight to see so many people waiting to greet us when we arrived!

We drove to Our Lady of Fatima Parish and again we were welcomed by a crowd of excited parishioners. We walked through the reserve stopping for a prayer and finished at St Joseph’s Parish in Riverwood. They hosted an evening liturgy with prayer into the night.


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