Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cross carried from M7 to Mount Druitt

Today’s events began at Mary Immaculate Parish, Bossley Park, where the Cross & Icon were farewelled by a large crowd of parishioners, many of whom had spent parts of the night in a vigil with the symbols, or gotten up for an early morning mass. The walk began at the nearby Equestrian Centre and we then made our way to the M7 Cycleway (next to the M7 motorway.) Motorists driving past must have wondered what all the flags were about and what all these people were doing carrying a big Cross next to the motorway!

We stopped for a prayer break at the M7 Control Centre and then continued walking on the M7 Cycleway to Rooty Hill. The next leg of the walk commenced at the RAAF Memorial Reserve at Mount Druitt, where we were joined by a large crowd of people eager to carry the Cross, and finished at the parish at Mount Druitt. We were really lucky to spend today walking not only with the Cross, but with so many enthusiastic people who came out to be a part of this memorable part of the lead up to World Youth Day. It was a really peaceful and prayerful day spent soaking up some great sunshine and placing our prayers for ourselves, our neighbours and our world at the foot of this great symbol.

Bernadette :)

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