Monday, 7 July 2008

From Punchbowl to Strathfield

With the 8am mass at St Jerome Parish Punchbowl focusing on sharing the gospel with the world it was a great reminder and great way to start Day 7 of our walk across Sydney. With a week in I started to feel that everything that could be done on a walk had been i had by this point seen it all. In fact i was wrong because everyday brings new people who are excited to have the Cross pass through their local streets as it makes its way into the Opening Mass of WYD08.

From St Jerome Parish we made our way to Parry park where after a quick prayer stop we continued onto St Michael's Parish in Belmore. Just continually seeing the joy in peoples faces as they unexpectedly get to carry the cross or see it in their street as they come rushing out of their houses is truly amazing and inspiring to continue on with this Journey each day.

After lunch at St Michael's we continued on to the Seminary of the Good Shepherd with a prayer stop in the middle at Strathfield park and also a chance for us to catch our breathe before continuing on. As well as meeting those who are excited about the Cross we also come across those who don't know much about it. On this leg especially i had the opportunity to share with a young man all about the Cross and what it all means, and why there is procession of people walking down his streets. The easy opportunity that arise to openly share the gospel with the public is a true blessing and is very well received on the whole.

At the Seminary prayer continued on through the night we rosary's, veneration, mass, evening prayer, night prayer and lots of other prayers. The faithfulness of the seminarians and the local community here was a true support and encouragement for my own faith seeing lots of other young men with such devotion to their faith.

God Bless


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