Saturday, 7 June 2008

Joy and prayers around Cross & Icon in Thornlie and Munster

The parish at Thornlie were the first to receive the Cross & Icon today, beginning with a procession that went past the local shopping centre before coming back to the church. A beautiful liturgy around the symbols was held, culminating in a time of individual veneration. The Cross was then ‘surfed’ out of the church, passing over the heads of the many parishioners who were present at the liturgy.

The parish at Munster were the next hosts of the Cross & Icon and began with a Mass before processing with the Cross & Icon into the hall, where ‘life-size rosary beads’ had been constructed out of big paper circles, balloons and ropes. The Cross & Icon were placed on the ‘rosary beads’ at the place where the crucifix and picture of Mary would normally be. The young musicians then led the singing of reflective songs as the Cross & Icon were processed around the hall and all those gathered were able to venerate the Cross & Icon as they came past. I found it a really unique way to incorporate the symbols into such a creative and engaging liturgy.
In both places I witnessed the Cross & Icon today there was such a great feeling of community, celebration and prayer.

Bernadette :)

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