Friday, 6 June 2008

Cross & Icon come to public places in Perth

Today’s events included a trip to the University of Western Australia, where St Thomas Moore College hosted two hours of procession and liturgy around the Cross & Icon. Many students from the College processed the symbols around the grounds of their residential college before heading out to the street to process the Cross & Icon to the picturesque university grounds. A liturgy was held on the lawns near the university tavern – a great, visible witness considering it was Friday afternoon so there were plenty of people around!

Later in the day, the Cross & Icon were the centre of an event that took place in Forrest Chase, the main mall in the middle of Perth, and a location that attracts a lot of foot traffic from commuters and Friday night shoppers.
A number of young Christian bands performed on-stage and a crowd of young people gathered to listen to the music and testimonies. It was great to have such a public event take place and to see many on-lookers stop to see what all the fuss was about.

Well done to the young people of Perth for your great witness today!

Bernadette :)

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