Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Spirit arrives on Pentecost

After a smooth nights sailing across Bass Straight, the Cross & Icon arrived in Devonport early this morning aboard the Spirit of Tasmania. A group of excited locals braved the chilly morning to welcome the JCI to the Hobart diocese, as we came together on the waters edge for a short time of prayer.

We then travelled to Launceston where we met 350 pilgrims from the Hobart diocese, along with over 2000 parishioners for the diocesan Pentecost Mass celebrated by Archbishop Doyle. It was such an exciting start to the JCI in Tasmania! Seeing hundreds of pilgrims in their WYD t-shirts following the WYD Cross & Icon into the Mass was an awesome sight. The liturgy itself was also amazing - the sports stadium came alive with a huge choir and great community spirit.

After lunch a large number of young people processed towards the Carmelite Monastery. Again, it was great to be surrounded by so many joyful youth as we took over the streets of Launceston, chanting along the way.
Following a short time of prayer with the Carmelite Nuns, the procession then continued to the stunning Cataract Gorge (the JCI team didn’t attend this last event, so if you did please post a comment of your experience!)

As the community of Hobart came together today we all got a real taste of what’s to come in Sydney. Large faith communities, stirring liturgies & lots of youth: a great combination for experiencing the transforming Spirit of God!



Anonymous said...

I got to carry the icon through a crowd of peolpe at Westport Park, Port Macquarie. The icon was heavy but there was heaps of people carrying it. The school captains from most catholic schools were there. We followed the cross around all day in a mini bus, and got escorted by police from laurioten to Westport park. It was a great day and enjoyed the experience.

Anonymous said...

I to was at westport park, Port Macquarie. I didn't get the opportunity to carry it but it was a very spiritual experience. There were so many people that came to the gathering and there were so many wonderful performances. Overall it was a great day!!

Anonymous said...

yay jesus, it was an awesome day, the cross was sooooooo much fun, i want to do it again some time, world youth day 2008 will be hectic
fo'shizzle my nizzle

Anonymous said...

world youth day was a wonderful experience in port macquarie, westport park. It was great to see so much religious spirit alive in the people.

winner said...

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