Saturday, 10 May 2008

Fun and the sea on Cross & Icon’s final day in Melbourne

This morning a Family Fiesta was held, with lots of fun and games outside while inside the Cross & Icon absorbed the final prayers and touches of many who had been following the symbols through their time in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Cross & Icon were then processed along the Esplanade to Port Melbourne where a final farewell celebration was held and the Handover of the Cross & Icon took place with reps from the Archdiocese of Hobart on hand to receive the symbols.

Reps from Melbourne and Hobart then took the Cross & Icon aboard the Spirit of Australia ready for its night time journey across the Bass Strait. Later in the evening as we were setting out, a liturgy was held around the Icon which was a meaningful handover as reps from Melbourne spoke of their experiences with the Cross & Icon and reps from Hobart shared their hopes and dreams for the Cross & Icon in their Diocese.

It certainly was a great experience to accompany the Cross & Icon throughout the Archdiocese of Melbourne. So many events took place over the fortnight that they were in the Diocese and an estimated 37,000 people came out to see the Cross & icon while it was in this part of Australia. Thanks to all those from Melbourne who made the events possible and thank you for your faith and witness in carrying the WYD Cross & Icon as symbols of Christ’s love for humanity. All the best as you prepare to welcome 20,000 international visitors to Melbourne for Days in the Diocese and as a further crowd of thousands of Melbourne young people will descend on Sydney for WYD08! See you there!


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