Monday, 12 May 2008

School students embrace Cross in Launceston & Devonport

Today began with students from Launceston having their opportunity to be with the Cross & Icon, before they were taken to the seaside town of Devonport. Primary school students and students from Brendan Shore College processed the Cross & Icon from the foreshore to their school where the symbols were given a hero’s welcome with a guard of honour into the school grounds.

A liturgy was held in the school hall, the highlight of which was the lively way the history and significance of the Cross & Icon was told by three of the students. The students had scripted out a drama where one student was explaining to another the history and significance of these symbols.

My favourite line was when one student asked if the symbols were just taken around to different places throughout the world “kind of like those people who take photographs of garden gnomes in locations all over the world?” The reply came that the Cross & Icon were indeed much more than symbols taken around Australia for photo opportunities! It was great to see the students engaging with the story of the Cross & Icon in such a relevant and entertaining way.

The symbols were then placed in the school chapel for a quiet afternoon of veneration. The parish of Wynyard were the hosts of the symbols for the evening and many young people gathered to witness the exciting event of having these symbols in their midst.


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