Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Youth of today lead the way in Goulburn and Crookwell

Goulburn delivered a wonderful day for the visit of the Cross & Icon. An uncharacteristically sunny morning and blue skies were the backdrop of the procession down the main street that saw students from Trinity College and members of the local community walking together towards the war memorial in Belmore Park. Some school students that I spoke to during the morning thought it was really significant that the school and the wider community had come together in this way for the service around the symbols.

Archbishop Coleridge proclaimed that the beauty of the World Youth Day lies in the way that it is the young people that are now leading our church into the future, and this was evident in the way that the procession and the proceedings of the day were led by school students and young adults from the community.

The Cross & Icon then visited the nearby town of Crookwell, where the procession swelled to a large gathering that filled the beautiful church. A lovely service was held that was well attended by many young people, and included participation by young dancers and musicians. Archbishop Coleridge’s tailor-made message for the people of Crookwell was well received as he preached that while in today we see much evidence to suggest that our world is ‘Crook,’ our faith and our love in God shown in the Cross of Christ tells us that all is ‘well.’

The evening concluded with the Cross & Icon being taken back to Goulburn for a mass and all night veneration and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Thanks to the youth of Goulburn and Crookwell for leading the way in the events of today.

Bernadette :)

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