Monday, 18 February 2008

Another historic event with the Cross & Icon

This morning Prime Minister Kevin Rudd welcomed the Cross, Icon & Message Stick into the Grand Hall at Parliament House. Alongside Cardinal Pell, Archbishop Coleridge, Bishop Fisher, Brendan Nelson and Aunty Agnes Shea, the Prime Minister shared that WYD will be a “great gathering of people of faith”.
A crowd of about 300 including ministers and school students took part in the liturgy in the Grand Hall.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, members of Parliament including the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition had an opportunity to have their own personal experience with the Cross & Icon during veneration.

To have the Cross & Icon visit the highest level of our Government was something really significant. The presence of the Cross & Icon today was a powerful reminder that Christianity is as relevant in the political and social sphere as it is in all other aspects of our lives. As we sat in the Grand Hall with the Cross & Icon it was clear that we were in the presence of something sacred, something far bigger than ourselves. The Cross speaks of the values of the Gospel and by praying in the Great Hall, we were asking for God to guide us that we might be a our nation that values all of society.

And what a perfect time for the Cross & Icon to visit Parliament! With the National Apology only announced a few days ago, the presence of the Cross reminded us that through Jesus we can be healed of our past failures, be truly reconciled and seek the peace we so need.

The Cross & Icon were then processed to the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture where a large gathering of school students welcomed them with an outdoor liturgy.

Yass was the final stop of the day, where a large crowd of all ages came together to greet the Cross & Icon on the oval. There was a great community feel as the people of Yass sang along to some great praise & worship, and chatted together. The Cross & Icon were processed in a snake-like formation around the oval by the young people before the night was finished with veneration.


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Julianne said...

Hey guys,
I think that it's absoluely fantastic that the Cross, Icon & Message Stick were able to go into Parliament House. What an honour for us as Christians to have that recognition of the leaders of our country.
Keep up the good work team!

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