Friday, 14 September 2007

What Would Jesus Do?

Townsville Correctional Centre hosted the Cross, Icon of our Lady and Message Stick this morning. Both the men and women of the Centre were invited in separate liturgies to celebrate this event. These ladies and gentlemen are often forgotten about by society once they have been locked away.

Jesus’s idea of unconditional love is not supposed to just be an idea, it is real. We are called to love these prisoners with the same love we give those closest to us. So why do we not do this?

This is the second detention centre we have attended on this journey and I have found these visits to have strengthened my focus on my law studies. I would like to understand more about alternative sentencing and rehabilitation and actually implementing these within our justice system. We need to advocate for the life, human needs and dignity of those we met today. We need to let them know their life is valuable and show this through caring for them genuinely.

If Jesus had a choice as a human, I think he would have walked through the building unlocking the doors. I can imagine him saying “You are forgiven, I love you, go now you are set free”.

The cross speaks this, so why is it so hard to replicate on earth.

Jacs :)

Hey all,

Hope you are all well. I took some photos of a mass and all night vigil held at the Townsville Cathedral last night and thought I should add them. We are unable to provide any photographs of what happened inside the Townsville Correctional Centre due to confidentiality. It may be possible to use some photos that staff took however I need to explore that further. For now though I hope you enjoy the photos from last night. Comments added are a few things I found interesting at the mass.


From outside looking in.

Ah, the pleasures of the modern world. Mother and daughter watching the Bishop Michael celebrating mass on a flat screen Television

The view from the window. Veneration of the Cross.

"I insist you should hold the Cross."
"No I insist you hold the Cross "
"Why don't we both hold it together?"A group of young people finding that the World Youth Day Cross insists that we can all hold it together.

View from the road of the all night vigil


what Jesus wouldn't do said...

When Jesus was on his Cross, between two criminals, he certainly offered forgiveness and understanding, but he didn't get them down off their crosses, to walk away physically free. When Jesus talked about setting captives free, he wasn't really talking about opening the cell doors - he was talking about a freedom of a different kind. Sometimes love is tough, and includes the necessary consequences for actions.

Sam said...

Doesnt the cathedral look stunning in that last photo. It looks both imposing with the hugeness of it, but inviting with the red colour and lights against the night sky.

Lady Kickface said...

I love the photo from the side window

Liz said...

What a wonderful day today, the day the Cross and Icon came to Abergowrie.
For a report and some photos go to and to the News and Events page.
The photos can be downloaded from there for your use.
I think the story tells it all
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

would you believe it? I've often thought about the prison system and how we use it to try to solve society's problems by simply locking people up. It's been pointed out to me a number of times that i'm talking unreasonably and that it's the only way to deal with people that break the law.

But i'm still confident that there must be a better model that can be used rather than this quick fix that has no positive aura about it whatsoever.

See you on the Ghan!


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