Thursday, 13 September 2007

All the students unite together

Students from all the Catholic high schools in the area gathered at the Townsville Entertainment Centre today. While the students were pouring in the doors. the Emmanuel Worship Band played some fantastic cover songs and a few originals. This was followed by a liturgy and the Cross and Icon made its way onto the stage. The gathering was a fantastic way for all the students to celebrate the arrival of the Cross and Icon in their community, with many of them shocked and pleasantly surprised from the outset with one student saying to me “I thought I was coming to another boring religious thing but this is awesome, they were playing U2 – Vertigo”

Once the liturgy was finished all the students gathered in the Centre for one big photo around the Cross. Everyone just wanted to come and touch, kiss, hug and share a prayer before the cross even in the midst of the crowds of other students.
While the crowds were still pressing to get to the Cross two things really struck me. Firstly, the Bishop as the shepherd of the church caring for his sheep. We, the people in his diocese, led a group of students who were considered lost by some to the Cross and we really cared for these students just as Jesus told in the parable of the lost sheep. Secondly, I was really blown me away when a young student in a wheelchair came forward and the crowds parted for her to approach the cross and everyone just stopped and prayed as she held onto the cross and was able to have her little prayer.

This evening the Cross and Icon continued there journey and went out to the Ryan Community Centre in Kirwan where a night of praise and worship music filled the air as people prayed passionately before the Cross and Icon for 3 hours while many local musicians were able to pray through the use of their gifts and talents as they played their music for the congregation assembled.

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Lady Kickface said...

I attended both these events. The schools event left me very moved, being the first time I've encountered the cross in such a personal way. I've attended two WYDs and seeing the cross and icon reminded me of so many memories.
One of my bosses visited a class at Ryan the day after this and came back and told us that several of the kids had seen the cross that night and there were quite a few comments from them saying they felt that something had changed in their life. And one boy asked his mother if he could be baptise.

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