Saturday, 15 September 2007

This afternoon the Cross and Icon were welcomed at the Townsville Sports Reserve. A group of about 200 people then set off on pilgrimage to the top of Castle Hill. Let me set the scene for you: it was about 27 degrees, Castle Hill is very steep, the Cross is heavy, the Icon is heavier BUT the pilgrims were quite joyous. Some did question why they had volunteered but only jokingly. Twenty groups took turns in carrying the Cross and Icon up the hill, with each changeover marked by a white Cross with a short scripture verse printed on it.

When we reached the summit, Bishop Michael and a few others who had made the ‘pilgrimage’ by car joined us to pray over the city. As we stood the Cross up and prayed spontaneous intercessions I had a real sense that our prayers were being soaked up by the city below. A helicopter flew over the group capturing the moment for the Townsville Bulletin; it was quite exciting and gave the moment a surreal nature.

We then processed back to the Sports Reserve wearing multiple glow sticks. The Cross was welcomed into a sacred space which had been created. The Cross and Icon were stood under a large tree with fairy lights all through it. People had the opportunity to prayer, reflect and venerate in the peace of the space.

Praise and Worship songs were played by local band Carpe Diem and Emmanuel Worship from Brisbane. It was only Carpe Diem’s second performance and they played really prayerfully and professionally. A smaller group stayed for the evening of celebrations, but the numbers really didn’t matter. A group of young people danced and sang at the front of the stage and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. One of my highlights was Fr Chris (trying) to rap like Fr Stan Fortuna and actually pulling it off pretty well. The dancers moves from the Carpe Diem guys were funky and everyone hit their second wind to dance the evening away.

A big thanks to the bunch who stayed around at the Reserve to enjoy the concert and the sacred space. I had a lot of fun dancing and praying with you guys and I hope to see ALL of you in Sydney next year – keep running the good race :) Jess

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