Monday, 10 September 2007

Star Performance, Ayr Showcases A Life To Be Lived.

Later this evening, celebrations of the Cross and Icon at the Burdekin Theatre, in Ayr expressed an excitement for life showcased by the youth of the town. Burdekin Catholic High (BCH) and the two primary schools all contributed performances of music, dance and movement that showed their interpretation of the Cross and Icon.

We listened to local people talk about what it is to be a youth in the church today, and what that role means for us now. One of the older parishioners spoke as though she was passing on a baton, ready to be taken up so the marathon of life could continue. A young mother, who had clearly been involved in the preparations for the event then spoke of the challenges involved with carrying such an important baton. Sometimes we may fear the younger members of the church will not do such a good job, sometimes the weight of the expectations of others can make the baton seem to heavy to carry. We were encouraged, as young people in the church to continue to take up the baton, to engage the church with our enthusiasm, passion and love.

BCH students brought the themes of the night together by performing a song from their school musical that emphasized how much we as a whole need to work together. A massive World Youth Day prayer card now sits at the church in Ayr. Names of any young people wanting to attend from Ayr will be written inside. The older parishioners showed they feel this is an important contribution that they can make, to ensure their church stands strong with love and that the relay of Christ’s life continues.

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