Monday, 10 September 2007

Arrival by Sea, Bowen’s Re-discovery.

St Catherine’s school held the first liturgy for the day in Proserpine, the JCI team joined the cross at the conclusion of this and continued journeying north towards Bowen and Ayr. Today we would join the historic township of Bowen walking the Cross from the waterfront through the town centre to the St Mary’s school oval.

In Bowen, the same waterfront that the first white settlers in the North of Queensland reached, became the welcoming sand for the Cross, Icon of Our Lady, and very importantly the Indigenous Message Stick as they continued traversing the diocese of Townsville. I wondered to myself what Australia could be like now, if those settlers 200 years ago had sent ahead a message stick to the indigenous nations?

After the Indigenous welcome had been given, and message stick safely passed on, Bishop Putney spoke of the significance of the journey before the pilgrimage through the streets began, at the town centre later in the walk he invited all the young people from the town to join him on the trip to Sydney next year.

Once at St Mary’s we then joined with the students from the local Catholic schools along with a delegation from the State high school for a liturgy on the grass next to the newly re-built church. The church was set alight 5 years ago, the fire spread quickly causing much damage and heartache. Solely remaining salvageable stood the Tabernacle. The priest gave each of the classes at St Mary’s $100, and told them just like in the parable to increase this money. The children collectively raised enough money to have the precious Tabernacle sent away to be restored. It now stands left of the Alter, as a symbol of God’s everlasting presence from old to new, and significantly of renewed life that is visibly strong within this community.

Jacs :)


Anonymous said...

What a great and moving story of faith, young people and the Church together - thanks Jacs!

World Youth Day Cross & Icon said...

Hey There,
Thanks for your comment, it is encouraging that you enjoyed reading this. You will see we have now put a photo of the tabernacle up too. :)

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