Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Trip into Townsville

After a big night of celebrations last night in Ayr the Cross and Icon made their way this morning to Charters towers. Arriving at about lunch time these great symbols of faith were processed through the grounds at Columba Catholic Collage before they were taken down to the Iona centre for a short liturgy which took up the afternoon. The highlight for me was seeing the fantastic rendition of the Stations of the Cross by the school students which sought to answer the questions of our faith while being very well pitched at the student group.

After the liturgy the journey continued on to the base of Towers Hill were the strength and excitement of the students towards the Cross and Icon were really shown by the joy in carrying these heavy symbols up this steep hill to the look-out in 32 degree heat. After the joyful procession Bishop Michael P. prayed a prayer of blessing for the town and extended a very warm welcome to WYD in 2008.

From the hill top the Cross and Icon made a quick trip down to St Columbas Catholic Church where there was a short time for veneration and prayer for the local parishioners before the Journey onto Townsville. In Townsville there was a fantastic gathering of the traditional owners of this land as the Cross and Icon was proudly processed in and after a cleansing and prayful smoking ceremony the WYD message stick was joyfully received by the Aboriginal youth which marked the start of the nights beautiful outdoor liturgy.

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