Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Icon returns at Proserpine

After the morning events had finished in Mt. Isa the Cross made its way by plane to the Whitsundays and to the Proserpine airport. Quite often at events people will get really surprised at the huge size of the cross, today however it was the pilots who got really surprised and had accounted for something so big but lucky there was an engineer around and the bulk head of the plane and a couple of seats could be removed to fit the Cross in.

Once arriving at Proserpine airport, the Cross met back up with the Icon of Mary. For the first time in a long time both the Cross and the Icon made its way to an event together, which was quite exciting. It was to St Catherine’s Church in Proserpine which was our destination for a beautiful mass. Everything was running a bit late due to the hold up at the airport. There were a crowd of kids waiting excitedly to have their opportunity with the Cross. Taking the Cross and the Icon out of their casings the parents were saying “the youth are as excited as kids on Christmas morning” and this really set the scene for the unfolding of the day.

After mass the Journey continued out to PCYC oval at Airlie Beach were the students of St Catherine’s were engaged and all ready for a big Stations of the Cross which was led by various representatives from different churches and groups. After some beautiful music from the locals the night had to come to a close and the Cross and Icon were transported back to St Catherine’s in Proserpine. The kids were so excited to being able to help with the Cross and Icon they continued to loving handle and kiss the cross right up until it was placed away in the trailer. Tonight these two great symbols of our faith are re-united once more and are in St Catherine’s ready to kick off a big day tomorrow.


Lady Kickface said...

where is the Mount Isa Write UP?

World Youth Day Cross & Icon said...

As the team have had a bit of a break for the past few days the blog for Mt Isa should be up when the people from events have sent us in some photos. Keep an eye out for it this week.
Thanks :)

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