Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sydney via Ruse & Camden

It's so exciting to be back with the JCI crew after 6 months, and with the walk on Day 2 passing through the townships of Ruse and Camden its a beautiful day to be back with the national JCI Team. With the Sun shining bright and a soft breeze reminding us of Gods presence with us it was the perfect day for the procession.

Starting the day with a Mass at St Thomas More Parish, Ruse we were graced with the pressence of the local Primary School students who helped carry the cross for the first leg of the Journey, followed by the local parishioners doing a great job in carrying for their leg of the journey. With everything going well a fantastic group of Tonga pilgrims took on the load of the cross and from the sound of their singing it was very evident that the spirit of the cross was carrying them with their spirits high and their fantastic voices it created a really beautiful atmosphere as we walked along and shared our expectations and hopes for WYD which is now only just around the corner.

After finishing up at Holy Trinity Church, Minto we moved on to Pat Contista Reserve, Leppington. Arriving a little early before the procession was to begin, the local parishioners had already gathered and it was just so beautiful to see their tremedous faith as they gathered around the cross and prayed the rosary on their knees. This set the tone for an amazingly faith filled procession with the rosary being softly prayed as we made our way up to St Mary Mother of God Church. Culminating in a prayer service and a really quiet and beautiful time to just venerate and spend time before both the cross and the icon.

With the whole day being an uplifting experience for my faith journey I cant wait to continue this journey into the beginning of WYD and the opening mass and all the experiences it will bring along the way.

God Bless Jeff

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