Saturday, 3 November 2007

An Astronomer Bishop and a Dish

This morning we travelled from Parkes to the Radio Telescope outside of town. The telescope certainly put Parkes on the map, if not through its close involvement with lunar landings in the 1960s, than through the Australian movie "The Dish". It is not often that the Cross looks small, but today was such an occasion. Against the backdrop of the 64 metre telescope the Cross was positively dwarfed! Bishop Christopher Toohey is an astronomy enthusiast and is also passionate about our faith in Jesus Christ. He spoke with conviction about our God, the creator of the whole universe, who chose to come live amongst and ultimately die at our hands. It was a moving and inspiring talk which encouraged me to think outside of the square.
Many thanks to the CSIRO workers and the parishioners of Parkes for allowing the event to go ahead.

In the afternoon we travelled north to Nyngan. Many people had come from Nyngan and the surrounding region to welcome the Cross and Icon. We performed our Stations of the Cross drama which looks at different people in Jesus' life and how they came to His Cross and went away different. It was encouraging that many people were quite touched by the drama. It was commented that the presence of our team and the Wilcannia Forbes team gave the locals hope that there are young people in the Church who are keen living their faith. I pray that the young people present may find their place in the Church and that they may feel that they are a part of the Church now, not the Church of the future.


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