Sunday, 4 November 2007

Share the Spirit; Bourke's Confirmation and Cobar's Feast

On the Bourke Wharf, alongside the mighty Darling River, a welcoming ceremony for the Cross, Icon of Our Lady and Message Stick began the morning’s procession. We processed to the church for mass to celebrate the confirmation of 20 primary students. ‘Share the Spirit’ was the theme blazoned across the banner, and that is exactly how a couple of hundred locals processed. Those being confirmed wore red sashes, others beat drums that had been carefully painted with indigenous flags, policemen walked with their families and many stops were catered for along the way so that everybody present could carry the Cross if they desired.

Once inside the capacity filled church, the World Youth Day Cross, the Bourke Telegraph Poll Cross, the Icon of Our Lady, the Message Stick and Bishop Chris in his vibrant red Alb brought a sense of spirit-filled awe to the altar. The Mass was a final point after much preparation for those confirmed today, and by confirming their faith with their families present it meant the continuation of a journey that began at baptism. It seems very appropriate that the students could confirm belonging to our universal church while standing before the Cross that has travelled the world as a symbol of Peace, Hope and Love.

The journey continued, and the Cross arrived in the mining town of Cobar for a procession through the main street and a liturgy at the school. Four workers from the mine were the first to carry the Cross in honour of one of the life bloods of the town. We began in a park that contains very large and real representations of the town's history of copper mining. The church in Cobar is this year celebrating 100 years, one wonders if anyone could have foreseen the excitement that walked the Cross through the streets today.

Families shared a meal provided by the great work of the Rotary Barbeque, and had an opportunity to create their own intimate veneration of the Cross during lunch time together. It has been very special watching the members of the Wilcannia-Forbes JCI bring these items to their own town, and today provided no exception with three members able to share the moment with their students from school who had come with their families and friends.

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