Saturday, 13 October 2007

Whyalla gives their all

This morning began with a Mass at St Teresa’s, Whyalla. The Parish Priest Fr Tony has been quite sick and his parishioners pray everyday for Mary Mackillop’s intercession for his healing as part of their celebrations of the Eucharist. Being able to bring the Cross and Icon to such a special parish was truly a privilege. I’m now joining in with the prayers of the parishioners, please join with them also.

After the mass was finished we then processed down the main street of Whyalla, stopping to pray the stations of the Cross along the way. I was impressed by the music that was played in between each station. Songs like “You’re the Voice” and “We are a Rock” were sung, signifying to me that the organisers had thought deeply about the potential impact of the Cross and Icon in their community.

We reached the Civic Park where some stalls had been set up. The celebrations included a Christian punk band, face painting, jumping castle and sphere shaped gravity defying ride. The band (Bandstand) were fantastic, enthusiastic young Baptists who brought a fun vibe to the event. Their music could be heard from the Woolies carpark across the road and it attracted a bunch of young locals to the event. To me, accidental encounters with the Cross and Icon are some of the best. They provide young people with a pathway to engaging with God which isn’t too intimidating. Thanks Whyalla, job well done :) Jess

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