Friday, 12 October 2007

Today started with a visit of the Cross and Icon to the cemetry where Sister Mary Laurencia was buried. She died in an unfortunate accident while she was trying to light one of the sanctuary lamps and during her final days was visited by sister Mary Mac Killop who this journey is under the partronage of.

From here we journeyed on to the Showground at Wilmington where after a short prayer service we went inside to enjoy lunch and give everyone the opportunity to spend their own time with these sacred symbols of our faith.

While inside at Wilmington some people took the opportunity to have there prayer time before the cross.

From Wilmington we headed off for Baxter to the site of the old detention centre, for a short time of prayer with those who had once been in the centre. Pictured in the picture to the right is the WYD cross with a painting by one of the people who was held in the Detention centre of Jesus behind razor wire which can be viewed as either Jesus looking in or Jesus look out from behind the razor wire.

From Baxter we journeyed onto Whyalla where inside the church we prayed The Divine Office Evening prayer which is the prayer of the church. After this quiet time of prayer the locals took their moment to come up and venerate the cross in their own way and in their own time.

All in all it was a packed and prayerful day from the beginning to the end.

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