Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Massive processions and Tram rides

One of the longest processions of the trip was undertaken this morning by the students from Monivae Collage with one and a half hours of good walking pace with a boat ride across the lake in the middle of it all. It was all in all a grand entrance to the Monivae Collage hall where the assembly was held with a fantastic dance from the local indigenous men and an opportunity for the students to have their time of prayer before the Cross and Icon.

Portland was not going to be out done by Hamilton so their procession brought in the strength of the local young people, a tram ride for the youngsters and one of the steepest climbs up the beech steps that the cross has seen in a long time. The excitement in this processions was completely amazing. My highlight of the day was when we were walking down the main street in Portland and different people who were just on the side of the road came up and joined in what was happening, it was truly inspirational.

After the great processions of the day things finished up with a big mass in All Saints Catholic Church where I struggled to get a seat myself but it was a good celebration to finish a great day.

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