Monday, 22 October 2007

Big logos and Bush Walks

Photos (above) - From excited school kids to a massive WYD logo.

The students eagerly proceeded to set-up the Cross and Icon for the liturgy in the morning. With Mexican waves and the shouting of World Youth day by all the students the morning finished with a Christian rock band and a dance off between the students. It was a morning of fun and festivities while trying to leave a national mark with there giant creation of the WYD logo.

From Horsham we travelled to Halls Gap where the students of Ararat embarked on a relay procession into the recreation reserve. All gathered had their moment to be with and share their prayer before these great symbols of our faith. The students finished their time with the Cross and the Icon with a huge cross surf that involved everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Then they had to get back on the buses and leave for home.

The rest of the night in Halls Gap was truly memorable. We experienced our first bush walk with the Cross. During our walk we encountered some big logs and branches over the path and had to overcome these obstacles that were on the path. As young people we have many obstacles that come up in our lives that we have to overcome as we journey along.

We then had beautiful mass in the surrounding bush lands followed by a night of live music, dancing and even some bagpipes.

A special thank-you to the community at Halls Gap for the fantastic night that we all enjoyed this evening.

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Sarah said...

Wow, a bush walk!! Fantastic, Ballarat Diocese you are having an amazing journey with the Cross and Icon. It's so great to hear about it. Bring on the rain!

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