Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Renewal found in green hills and Mount students

This morning we left Innisfail and traveled to Millaa Millaa. I was amazed by the green hills and the beautiful scenery in general. A good group of parishioners had gathered to welcome the Cross and Icon. One family had given all of their children the day off school so they could be present when the Cross and Icon were in their church. It was a beautiful example of one family’s commitment to the Christ and the Cross.

We arrived at Herberton at Mount Saint Bernard’s College just in time to enjoy lunch with the boarders. The boarders I ate lunch with were lovely young ladies; really friendly, very hospitable and keen to find out more about Canberra (where I’m from). We then prepared for the liturgy with the Cross and Icon and all the students. Throughout the liturgy the student body at large was attentive and reverent. Our team presented a drama about different people’s interaction with Jesus at His Cross. The students used the drama as a spring board to their own veneration with many giving the Cross much more than a passing touch. After the ceremony one of the students told me that she had received a message as she touched the Cross. “It wasn’t from God or anything, it was a text message, but my pocket vibrated just as I touched the Cross – isn’t that cool?”

Soon enough the Cross and Icon were back in the trailer and we were on the road to Atherton. Young people from the parish assisted us to take the Cross and Icon out of the trailer just as the sun was setting. Some of the students from Mount Saint Bernard’s College chose to come along to the mass. We meet so many new people and so it is always nice to see some familiar faces. Meeting up with the students from MSB again made my evening! The outdoor mass was well attended. At the end all the 16 – 35 year olds present were invited to process the Cross and Icon out. I was surprised and impressed by the number of people present that fitted into that age group. Well done Atherton – keep up the good work, Jess.


Cross and Icon fan said...

I've just added this AMAZING blog as my internet home page. I just think that it is so incredible that a cross this huge - 3.8m high - is travelling the world constantly touching young people. How blessed are we in Australia to be part of its journey in such a personal way.

World Youth Day Cross & Icon said...

'cross and icon fan', we too continue to be blown away each day by the graces that are flowing with this magnificent symbols. And to think that so much of the impact will only be known to the individual the scale is huge. Their are many communities doing some very special things around Australia, we are not creating that; but lucky enough to witness this and somehow be a medium that allows the rest of the church in australia to become further united to grow together.

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