Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Blown away in Cooktown

Today our destination was Cooktown, a community with so much history linking to Captain Cook and his journeys in this area of Australia. Back in 1770 Captain Cooks boat ran into unexpected corral and sand banks which caused him to stop in this region just at the mouth of what is now called the Endeavour river. However now centuries later here we are taking these great symbols of our faith the Cross and the Icon to this beautiful area of our country where so much of the landscape is still untouched and is as beautiful as the day when Cook arrived.

Our location today was under the big tree outside the Catholic Church, with the wind blowing very strong and the sun beating down on our backs we had a time of prayer and reflection with a group of the locals from all the churches including AOG, Uniting and Anglican churches. This time I thought was very special especially as the ministers from the different churches shared prayers of the faithful and joined in veneration bringing a beautiful ecumenical and all embracing atmosphere to the day.

As the time of prayer drew to a close all gathered around the back of the church to share in a bite to eat and a little bit of lunch and then the locals took the opportunity to spoil us the teamies and we went for a ride in their 4wd’s to go to the local lookouts and sights to see before having to head back to Mareeba for the night.


Darwin said...

Hey JCI team - we can't wait to see you (and the Cross and Icon) in Darwin... counting the days now! We LOVE your blog

Bee said...

Thanks team for all the work you are putting into the blog. It is so fantastic to be able to follow the journey and its so fantastic to be able to give people somewhere to go to find out how the journey is going. Great work and God bless you all.

World Youth Day Cross & Icon said...

Thanks Guys, It is great you are getting so much out of the blog; i certainly enjoy helping to put it together. Hope to see you 'Darwin' at the retreat next saturday. Keep letting us know what you think of the blog and what impact it may have on you if it does. Bee, has the Cross and Icon visited your town yet? perhaps you can let us know what that was like?

darwin said...

Hi its Darwin again! Yes definitely going to the retreat. Really looking forward to it - c u there!

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