Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Perth farewell Cross & Icon

After two solid weeks of events with the Cross & Icon, the Perth Archdiocese sadly farewelled these special symbols today as they headed north towards the Geraldton diocese. The tears of the Perth team said it all…over the past few weeks this journey has touched the lives of thousands around Perth, bringing in a special way the presence and message of Jesus to people all over the City.

The handover ceremony took place about 3 hours north of Perth, in front of a Roadhouse in Warradarge. Bishop Justin (Bishop of Geraldton) had a grin from ear to ear as he and Geraldton youth received the Cross & Icon into the second last diocese of its journey throughout Australia.

Tonight we took part in the first event in the diocese – Mass in the beautiful Geraldton Cathedral – St Francis Xavier. Most of the WYD Pilgrims gathered here, sporting their diocesan WYD jumpers and sharing their excitement about their upcoming pilgrimage to Sydney. What a privilege it is to share in this special time in our Church with pilgrims from all over our country!


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