Thursday, 26 June 2008

Final day of the JCI...

Today we travelled to Wyndum and Kununurra for the final events of this incredible twelve month journey around Australia!

Leaving Warmun early, we travelled through some stunning landscape on the way to Wyndum. Here a lawn-full of students and local parishioners welcomed us we took part in a liturgy together in front of the Church. The event concluded with a procession down the road and into a park where the WYD pilgrims were given a special blessing by Bishop Saunders.

After lunch we headed to Kununurra - our final destination before returning to Sydney.
Here we gathered at St Joseph’s school and the Pilgrims took a hold of the Cross as we began our procession through town, ending at the Church. A time of liturgy followed, concluding with Veneration. As I watched people bring their prayers to the Cross for the last time in WA, I reflected on the countless thousands of people who I have witnessed do the same over the past five months. Its amazing to think of the impact this Cross & Icon have had in people’s lives all over our country.


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Anonymous said...

hey, this must of been a really cool experience for you

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