Saturday, 21 June 2008

Cross on show on Derby’s day of the JCI

Today the town of Derby were the recipients of the Cross & Icon. The events began with the Cross being driven around town to various places of significance. It was quite an impressive sight to see the 3.8m high cross standing vertical on the back of the big red Broome Diocese 4WD trailer!
The Dinner Camp Tree (a big boab tree located at a historical camp that was once frequented by drovers on their way to the jetty for export) and the Jetty (significant as its place as a hub of life and activity for Derby) were places that the Cross stopped at for prayer and reflection.
The Icon was then taken through the hospital to visit several patients, who also received blessings from Bishop Chris. I found this to be a really special time, as the Icon, whose name is ‘Salus Populi Romani’ can be translated to mean ‘salvation (or health) of the Roman people.’ It was really fitting that the people in the hospital, some in wheelchairs, some from their hospital beds, one lad on crutches and two young women who had been in a car accident, were able to pray before this symbol of healing.

Later in the evening, a lively and colourful mass was held with lots of participation from the primary school students and a rousing homily from Bishop Chris about proclaiming our faith from the rooftops. What a wonderful evening the Cross & Icon spent with the great faith community in Derby!
Bernadette :)

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