Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Cross & Icon take a rough ride

Today the Journey made its way into two more remote Aboriginal communities.

First stop was Mulan, a small village of about 120 people. As we rolled in on the red dirt road we were greeted by an excited group of locals who then sounded the town bell (by hitting a pole with a rock) to alert everyone of our arrival.

We started by walking the Cross & Icon up a small, sacred hill for a time of veneration and prayer. Following this we came together for an outdoor Mass where a baby was baptised, and some students received their First Holy Communion. After Mass we shared in lunch together as a way of celebrating this historic day for the Mulan community.

Our convoy of 4WD’s then took on the challenging drive down the famous Canning Sock Route towards our next stop at Billiluna. The Canning Stock Route is the longest and most remote Stock Route in the world…and a bumpy drive!

Billiluna was bursting with life as they welcomed us into their community. Students performed a traditional dance around the Cross & Icon and some prayers were shared before we processed down towards the school for a liturgy. It was a procession to remember as students sang with all their might, thanking God for our many gifts.
As has been the case in each Aboriginal community, tonight’s time of veneration was again touching to witness. Emotions ran high as the faithful brought the prayer of their heart to this special Cross.
The event finished off with a shared dinner, and an opportunity to mingle with the community.


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