Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Eagerly awaited symbols reach WA!

After months and months of waiting and counting down the days to the ‘Journey of the Cross and Icon’ in Perth…the Cross and Icon were on their way to Perth Airport, coming from Hobart.
We waited at 10:30am for the arrival… which was then delayed. We waited for the 1pm arrival, which was also delayed. Finally the flight took off from Melbourne with the Cross and Icon to arrive at Perth airport at 4:30pm. We then got the call that they had “FINALLY” arrived!

My work colleague and good friend Silvana and I assembled the WYD Cross together for the opening ceremony at the Perth Domestic Airport. The weather at the airport was so cold and I forgot to bring my jumper! But when we assembled the WYD cross together I felt Jesus’ presence with us.
As the road cases were opened, an indigenous didgeridoo player played over the pieces of wood which served as part of their welcome to country.
We had mixed emotions when we screwed the bolts to assemble the two wooden pieces of the cross together. There was a sense of anxiety yet we felt overwhelmed with God’s love, warmth and fellowship. Silvana did the honours and used her 20 cent coin to tighten the screws – she still has this coin and doesn’t want to let go of it! Hahahaha…

The Redemptoris Mater Seminary and fellow youth members carried the WYD Cross and Icon into the airport terminal greeted by the Aboriginal Kulbardi Boorndoon Dance Group, Nyungar Elder Representative Marie Taylor, Youth Representative from Tasmania Anita Garnham and the Catholic Archbishop of Perth, His Grace Archbishop Barry James Hickey.
The ceremony was absolutely fantastic. There was full of excitement at the ceremony that Silvana and I could see these priceless expressions of happiness, joy, relief and reverence on all 30+ faces. We will never forget this special experience…

Looking forward to the next 8 days!

Tammy (Diocesan Youth Worker)

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