Monday, 26 May 2008

Cross present for sorry Day Gathering!

Today the Cross & Icon took part in a ‘National Sorry Day’ gathering, where Perth school students gathered in large numbers with the local community to remember and pray for the Stolen Generation, and all those affected by these events.
It was a moving event, where musicians and performers all touched on the theme of reconciliation. Archbishop Hickey then spoke with us, encouraging us to turn to the maternal love of Our Lady; who knows only too well what its like to lose a son.
Throughout the course of the morning a piece of fabric (about 30 metres long!) was carried in. It contained the handprints of 1000 students, with messages of apology and reconciliation. A special thanks to Robert, who shared so openly about his experience as one of the stolen generation, and the way that has impacted on his life.

Tonight we rolled into Rockingham, a smaller town about an hour south of Perth. Here four parishes gathered as one large community for a procession which included Stations of the Cross, and then Mass at Kolbe Catholic College. Local pilgrims then made the most of their opportunity with the Cross & Icon, hosting an all-night vigil in the school grounds.


Anonymous said...

IThinkit is great that somany pilgrims and youths are interested as this is a very rare oppotunity for themt to encounter.

Dominic Centrone said...

I think that it is a great idea having the cross while they are saying sorry for wrong doings in the past

fahazanay said...

yeh its pretty good

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