Thursday, 22 May 2008

Cross lights up Perth schools!

Today the Cross & Icon began at Lumen Christi College, Martin, where the students excitedly greeted the symbols as a welcome addition to their annual school feast, Lumen Day. The morning was spent with a variety of activities taking place around the Cross & Icon, with every student having the opportunity for veneration. The school was abuzz with the excitement of this long awaited event! It was especially exciting for around 20 students from the school who will be travelling to Sydney for WYD and an opportunity for the rest of the school to be set alight with the spirit and energy of this great event coming to them.

The next stop for the Cross & Icon was at Chisholm College, Bedford, where the Cross & Icon were the centre of a large liturgy attended by the whole school. Again, the students chosen to carry the Cross & Icon were most excited by these significant and well-travelled symbols coming to have some time in their school.

Bernadette :)

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