Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Cross & Icon brighten up grey skies in Bunbury

Today’s events began at Bunbury Catholic College, where a packed gymnasium greeted the Cross & Icon with a Mass and some very joyous cross surfing. Unfortunately due to the pouring rain outside, the planned procession down the main street did not occur, but the atmosphere inside the gym as the students farewelled the Cross & Icon was simply amazing and Spirit-filled.

The next stop for the Cross & Icon was the site where the Bunbury Cathedral formerly stood, where a brave bunch stood in the rain to pray for the success of the construction of the new Cathedral for the Diocese.

The small community at Bridgetown were the next recipients of the Cross & Icon. Primary school students and many members of the community welcomed the symbols with a liturgy, some great singing, time for veneration and a great country afternoon tea!

The last stop for the day was Pemberton, where the community greeted the Cross & Icon with a small liturgy in their chapel, before heading out into the night for a candlelit procession. The final destination for the Cross & Icon was the Pemberton church, where a Holy Hour was held that included time for a really prayerful time of veneration for the 100-strong crowd that gathered.

Bernadette :)


Robert said...

Hi Fr Chris

Great stuff!

We estimate that there was about 180 at the church, and it was our hall, not our chapel, where the Cross & Icon were first placed.

God bless
Brother Robert

Robert said...

Hi Father Chris

Great stuff.

The Cross & Icon were placed in our hall on the Wednesday evening (not our chapel) and we estimate the crowd for the procession & holy hour was about 180.

Thanks for all your hard work.
God bless all the team
Brother Robert

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