Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ringwood hosts WYD Cross and Icon.

Tonight the Eastern region Parishes hosted the Cross and Icon. We gathered at the Ringwood Clock Tower and hundreds of young people processed the Cross and Icon through Ringwood Station and over to Aqunias College for the evening.

The parish event included testimonies, music from some local choirs, a drama, reconciliation and veneration. It was so wonderful to have an opportunity for all parishes in the area to work together and celebrate around our special Cross.


Anonymous said...

i think world youth day is important to the christian because when they go it makes them a step closer to god

Anonymous said...

I think that is a good because you have stood the cross in front of a christian church.


Anonymous said...

hello last year i went to see the wyd cross. when we got to the church i didnt even know what it was and why was it here because it was so big. Then my mother told me that this cross was the WYD cross and it is really speacial. At the church there was a mass and lots of singing and celebration evryone was lining up to touch i cant wait to see the cross again we i come

Anonymous said...

I think these stories are magnificent. They already show the experience from reaching out to touch the cross. I can't wait for the cross and icon to arrive at Sydney.

Anonymous said...

I think that you guys there tried to have fun and be religious at all times.You guys celebrated and showed your happiness because the Cross and Icon has come to your parish and i would do the same if it came to my parish as well as it is going to be held near a parish near me:).The pictures in your blog shows so much how your community has interest in World Youth Day.I think you guys picked a great place to hold the World You Day.The pictures also show the people touching the cross showing how the want to recieve the power and healing of Lord Jesus Christ.Your Blog made me more excited going to World Youth Day, and i am surely going t5o World Youth Day:)

Thank You for taking your time to read this response and i hope that Th Cross Will Come again next time soon:)


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