Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Cross embraced by young people of Parramatta

Today’s events began with a gorgeous sunrise liturgy at Govett’s Leap Lookout.

Another significant event from today was the blessing of a vacant block of land where a church will be built for the parish of St Mary of the Angels, Rouse Hill. I felt that it was really fitting that the Cross – a really significant symbol of new life – should come to this location that will transform from a simple piece of land into a great new place of faith and community. It was also really important that the young people of the Rouse Hill parish would be at the centre of the blessing of the\is new plot of land. It will be great to see the community flourish with these young people at the centre of the parish and leading the way post-World Youth Day.

Later in the day, the parish at Greystanes welcomed the Cross, the last parish in metropolitan Sydney to do so before the Cross returns in July prior to World Youth Day. A really beautiful evening of prayer, Stations of the Cross, Reconciliation and Eucharist was held and led by the young people. It seemed fitting that the young organisers of the event were wearing shirts with “You are the light of the world” embroidered on the back, because the main focus on tonight’s homily was calling the young people of Greystanes to do just that. Fr Chris Ryan urged the young people to look to the Cross as a symbol of overcoming the darkness of our world and to look to Christ as the one who brings light into the darkest places of our hearts and the darkest places of our world.

What a great community spirit there was in all the places we visited today, and very exciting that many young people will be gathering in Sydney in July for WYD!

Bernadette :)


Anonymous said...

haye JCI team,

Thanks for making the cross and icon vist to Our Lady Queen of Peace parish so amazing. Lighthouse enjoyed your company have a safe journey to Sale!

World Youth Day Cross & Icon said...

Thankyou and God Bless! Love the JCI Team!

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