Saturday, 19 April 2008

Cross given a great country welcome in Sale Diocese

Beautiful blue skies on a great country morning set the scene for today when the Cross & Icon began in Stratford before being taken to Maffra for a procession down the main street.

The people of Maffra may have wondered what was taking place as a bagpiper lead the colourful procession down the street towards St Mary’s church, but if they had listened carefully they would have heard the prayers of intercession coming through the PA system to know that the reason the people had gathered on this day was for an event of faith. Something really touching and unusual about the procession this morning was that people of all ages came to carry the cross in their age groups…a great sign that although this Cross was entrusted to the young people of the world, the Cross is indeed a sign of Christ’s love for all of humanity.

Next the Cross was taken to the parish of Newry, where members of the Country Fire Association welcomed the Cross & Icon, to recognise the contribution that the CFA had made in recent times of flooding in the area. A lovely mass was held in the beautiful little church before a great community afternoon tea was held on the church grounds.

The final stop for the Cross & Icon today was at the parish of St Brigid’s, Cowwarr, where the parishioners got to have a hands-on encounter with the Cross & Icon by carrying it into the Church for a time of Adoration. The children of Cowwarr had prepared for the Cross and Icon’s arrival by picking posies of flowers and carrying them with their handwritten prayers to the foot of the Cross. What a beautiful day spent with some lovely communities (and lovely people, both young and young at heart) in the Heart region of the Sale Diocese!

Bernadette :)

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