Thursday, 27 March 2008

Schools of Diocese embrace Cross & Icon

The highlights of today’s events with the Cross & Icon included several schools participating in liturgies around these special symbols.

The students of Magdalene Catholic College, Narellan were joined by students from other local Catholic schools for a big liturgy held outside in the beautiful sunshine on the school oval. Every student that attended was able to individually venerate the Cross & Icon and many students participated in the singing, dancing and readings to make the liturgy a great celebration of youth.

Next the students of Mater Dei School, Camden were able to host the Cross & Icon, greeting it outside on the school grounds and then, assisted by the students of John Therry College and St Patrick’s College, processing the Cross & Icon into the school chapel.

The liturgy here was most beautiful, with the students preparing a meaningful dramatisation of the risen Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene and Thomas and also presenting a reflection song that reminded us that we are God’s eyes, voice, hands and face in the world.
Bishop Peter Ingham was on hand to share his thoughts at both of today’s school events, and I was most struck by his message to the students that as Christians we are given a gift that far surpasses the ‘hopeless end’ that we can sometimes feel living in our world, rather through the risen Christ we are given an ‘endless hope.’

Today’s events concluded with a procession through the streets of Camden, an ecumenical service at the showground and an overnight vigil at St Paul’s Parish.

Bernadette :)

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Anonymous said...

i hope it was a very interesting and faithful day for the students and teachers of the various schools experiencing the Cross and Icon. I hope you have a great experience during World Youth Day


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