Monday, 3 March 2008

Leeton to Griffith & another all-nighter for the Cross & Icon!

Spirits were high this morning at St Josephs Leeton as people of all ages filled the Church for morning Mass. After veneration, students from St Josephs carried the Cross & Icon over to their school where all students gathered for prayer and music.

Next stop was a beautiful park setting in the town of Leeton where members from local Christian Churches gathered for an ecumenical service with the Cross & Icon. Once again it was so encouraging to see these powerful symbols of our faith unifying the Christian community.

The Cross & Icon farewelled Leeton with a liturgy & youth festival at St Francis De Sales College.

We were then back on the road bound for Griffith (looking forward to an Italian feed!), first stopping at St Therese Primary School at Yenda. The students here were so excited as we were arriving, each having already prepared their own flag to greet us with.

Griffith was the final destination of the day. Youth turned up in good numbers for an afternoon/evening concert, procession and finally all-night adoration at Sacred Heart Church.


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