Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Cross & Icon steam up the Murray

Another glorious start to the day this morning at Echuca! A large crowd gathered early underneath the shade of the large gumtrees, which formed together in what looked like huge natural Cathedral. Here we were welcomed by a group of Aboriginal dancers who performed for us and then carried the Cross down to the river where it boarded the Etona Paddle Steamer for a short time, and then the P.S. Adelaide Paddle Steamer for a trip down the river. The Etona (the boat with the cross on it) was used as a floating Church in the early days, reaching out to communities up the river. The P.S Adelaide is the oldest Paddle Steamer in the world that is still in operation!

After a stunning trip up river, local school students spilled of the boat and then processed the Cross & Icon back to the Aquatic reserve where hundreds of other students where being entertained by various performances, including Stations of the Cross.

After lunch everyone gathered for a liturgy with Bishop Joe and students from Brigidine College then processed down to their school for more prayer and music.
The Cross & Icon were returned to the Reserve in style - on the back of horse and carriage!

The end of the day was just as spectacular as the start. We closed off with an outdoor Mass underneath the ‘natural Cathedral’, celebrated by Bishop Joe & Father Chris.

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Fr Simon said...

Hey hey JCI Team!!! Canberra-Goulburn misses you. I'm so glad you got to Echuca. I was there during holidays last year and thought it was just fab with those boats and gear.
I hope everyone is really touched by the Cross and Icon and your ministry.
Love and blessings, Fr Simon Falk

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