Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Walgett, Wee Waa and Narrabri

The Cross and Icon started the day at St Joseph’s Primary School in Walgett. The students participated in a prayer and had an opportunity to venerate the Cross and Icon. A Walgett Youth Cross was introduced which will remind the students of the visit of the World Youth Day Cross and Icon in the lead up to World Youth Day.

We then headed up the road to Wee Waa where the church grounds were decorated with streamers and Balloons. We participated in a procession that traced the cross made from two streets of the ANZAC memorial. We then prayed the Stations of the Cross and venerated the Cross and Icon with flowers and candles before sharing in the parish BBQ. It was wonderful to see the flowers representing the invisible prayers that had been made that day – imagine the pile of flowers that would be at the foot of the cross if everyone who had venerated it left a flower behind!

We travelled to Narrabri then processed the Cross and Icon to the Church. There were many young people involved and it was great to see so many planning to go to Sydney for World Youth Day. A beautiful Mass was celebrated with great music ministry then there was the opportunity for more prayer before the Cross and Icon. It was obvious that the Cross, Icon and Message Stick touched the lives of many people today.

Annaliese and Berna


Anonymous said...

thanks for comingn here to Wee Waa it was a great experience

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming to Wee Waa it was a Great experience

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