Thursday, 29 November 2007

Summer begins for the WYD Cross and Icon

The 2007 national Diocesan Journey of the Cross and Icon has now concluded…

150 days

15 Dioceses
1 Ghan Pilgrimage

1 Schoolies Mission

more than 30 000kms

more than 500 events through which some 250 000 people have been engaged

…it’s been quite an extraordinary time.

Jeff from JCI Team 1 has put together the map here of the 2007 journey.

It was great having the WYD Cross and Icon present for some of Schoolies in Queensland…the symbolic power of the Cross in the mix of all that Schoolies typically stands for was an important action in responding to the Pope’s original vision that we would “carry this Cross in the world as a sign of God’s love for humanity.” (JPII)

Now, while the JCI Team gets a well deserved rest, the sleepless Cross and Icon continue. Throughout the summer the Cross and Icon will be present at a range of summer youth events across Australia…national youth camps, conferences, national Community and Movement gatherings, and maybe even an icy detour to Antarctica to bring to life our WYD08 theme about witnessing ‘to the ends of the earth.’

The Summer hosts have been invited to share their stories and images of their time with the Cross and Icon via our blog – so keep checking out this space. We love getting your comments, so please, keep them coming!

It’s time for JCI Team 1 to say goodbye – thanks to all those who have been our companions on the journey through this blog.

JCI Team 2 begins in mid January and the national diocesan JCI Journey begins again on Australia Day (Jan 26) in the Diocese of Armidale, NSW.


Benita, Darwin Diocese said...

To JCI Team 1 a huge thank you for all that you have given in the many places that you have travelled (what a great map). Your faith, trust, love, commitment and joy shone through everyday and so many lives have been touched by the peace and joy of knowing Christ, that you so demonstrated. Wishing you all of God's blessings over the Christmas period and all the best in the New Year. Here's to more exciting adventures coming your way in 2008! With it being the World Youth Day year, I think there is little doubt about that.
God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

team 1... you all made it! congratulations. you're a big bunch of legends. many thanks x 1,000,000 to the power of 50. Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Team,
I second what Benita said! Enjoy the rest knowing that you have all had a major impact on those you have come in contact with. For the young, you gave them an encounter with their faith and the church that they might never have had and you have shown them the possibilities of what attending WYD might be. For the 'older' participants- you helped dispel many of the concerns they have had about young people and you have helped the cynics see the positives of WYD. The gift you have given is immeasurable. Best wishes for what lies ahead and your return to normality. Stacey xo

Angela said...

To all in JCI Team One

Well Done!!! You guys are champions!! Your committment and trust in God's plan was clear for all to see and should be acknowledged. Enjoy your break before coming back to "the real world". Hopefully see you all in July


P.S Armidale rocks!! We are going to have a great time team two!!!

Anonymous said...

A special message of thanks to Alice Priest, who has been an incredible advocate in the last 18 months for the benefits of World Youth Day for our Church in Australia. Her tireless efforts have opened the door of possibility wider in many Diocese's throughout Australia. Alice you are loved and we pray in thanks for all that you have been able to achieve in such a short time.

Anonymous said...

Alice, Fr Chris, David, Jess, Jacs, Matt, Jeff - thank you so much for all that you have done. You helped achieve an incredible amount through the Dioceses in which you visited. And we are mightly grateful that you put your hands up - thank you and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you everyone for your kind comments. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this amazing time in Australia.

God Bless


LizzieM said...

It is very inspiring to learn of just how much has been done in Oz, to honour Catholic World Youth Day. More power to you!

In Pax Domine,

Lizzie Mooore, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo, Vic.

Anonymous said...

Hello Team? When is the blog going to be updated again?? How did the Oz Day long weekend stuff in Armidale diocese go? BTW, did the Cross go to Antarctica? Can't wait to see the pics.

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