Saturday, 10 November 2007

A pageant, a panorama and a procession

It was certainly all happening in Adelaide today! The annual Christmas pageant was held this morning. The pageant involves employees of the pageant sponsors dressing in all sorts of fancy dress and taking part in giant parade with floats through the streets. Many families watched the spectacle.

Meanwhile, a group of students were processing the Cross and Icon down other streets in Adelaide to the Passionist Monastery. After a liturgy the Cross was the taken to the Cathedral and set up in the grounds. A small, yet devoted group assembled to pray and spend time with the Cross and Icon. A fantastic 3 piece praise and worship group called Amici led us in prayer with their beautiful music. There was the opportunity for reconciliation, faith sharing and to learn more about the Cross and Icon. The afternoon was relaxed and a very welcoming place to ask questions about what it means to have faith.

We then drove up to Montefiore Hill which overlooks the city. A bridal party was being photographed on the hill as the Cross and Icon were set up. I bet the last thing they'd expected was competing with a giant Cross for photos positions on their big day! Uni students from Aquinas College participated in the service as we prayed over the city. Beautiful music which included bursts of electric violin were was played by some guys from the Church of Christ. It was quite a moving service, Father Chris challenged all present to really accept Jesus into our lives and take a step in faith. Hope to see the Aquinas crew at WYD in Sydney!

At the moment we are being accompanied by Chelsea and 3 Dominican Sisters from the WYD office. Spending time with Kiwi Chelsea and Nashville based Sr Mary Madeleine, Sr Anna and Sr Mary Rachel is giving us a taste of the international aspect of WYD. It is a real blessing having them on the road with us, experiencing the journey for themselves and contributing their own gifted ministry to people we are encountering. Thank you ladies, the journey is richer through your presence.

We returned to the Cathedral which had been empty and was now close to full. Young people lined the centre aisle and passed the Cross over their hands to the front of the Church. After mass a large crowd gathered out the front of the Cathedral and processed the Cross and Icon down some of Adelaide's main streets (a pretty brave thing to do in your home town on a Saturday night, but exactly what JPII asked us to do with the Cross - I dare say he was smiling down on Hindley Street tonight as they processed along it.


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