Sunday, 21 October 2007

St Joseph's School, Hopetoun

On Sunday the 21st of October the World Youth Day Cross and Icon came to Hopetoun. Everyone was invited to come and celebrate the coming of the Cross and Icon.

We began the exciting event with Mass at St Joseph’s church in the morning. The students began Mass by carrying candles and flags representing countries of the world who are involved in World Youth Day.

After Mass we all went down to Lake Lascelles to share a barbeque lunch and fruit salad and slice. The Cross arrived and we all helped carry it to the stick shed. We had a prayer service to welcome the Cross and Icon and pray for the young people of the world. We all received a little cross to remind us of the cross coming to our town and also to help us think about the rest of the journey for the cross.

Following the prayer service we took the cross back to the trailer and helped to pack it up, ready for its journey to Horsham. Brylie and Aimiee then entertained us with their singing.

We all had a great day and were touched that we could have this once in a lifetime experience to be part of the Journey of the World Youth Day Cross.

By the Students of St Joseph’s School

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