Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Ports Broughton and Pirie

This morning we began in Wallaroo at Kalori Primary School. The whole school made a cross on their oval, then the older students did a dance to the WYD theme song around the human Cross.

We then moved onto Port Broughton. Here we processed from the jetty, down Cross Street, to the other Christian Churches, to the Aged Care facility and to the State High School. It was lunch time when we arrived at the school and we stood the Cross up at the gates to the school. The students gathered around, tentative at first, but as more came they approached the Cross with confidence and excitement! Some of the students then helped to carry the Cross and Icon to the next stop on the procession.

We then drove onto Port Pirie. We were met by a group of men who are involved yearly with the blessing of the fleet procession. They did a fantastic job marshalling and controlling the procession as we marched down the streets. A group gathered at the jetty which seemed to multiple in number by the time the procession began! Lots and lots of young locals joined in with carrying the Cross, Icon and World Flags; many
came representing their sporting team and came together in uniform. We stopped and prayed at several times along the journey: at the Silos, Maccas, the war memorial and at the sports oval.

In the evening a youth festival was held with live music, face painting, WYD info and young peoples testimonies of faith. The evening was jam-packed and a good crowd celebrated in the park together. A youth Mass was celebrated later in the evening in thanksgiving for the blessings of the Cross visiting Port Pirie.

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