Saturday, 27 October 2007

The merry people of Maryborough

This morning the Cross remained in the Cathedral until 10 o’clock when a mass was celebrated to complete the Cross and Icon’s time in Ballarat. I wasn’t present for the Mass, so if you were please add your experiences to this blog by writing a comment.

In the afternoon we drove to Maryborough where a group had gathered at the Post Office to begin a procession. A local girl was singing and a clock tower was chiming as the Cross was being unpacked and it all added to the sense of occasion. We then processed down to the St Augustine’s via the main street. Groups from other Churches met us along the way and some joined in the procession.

Later in the evening a Mass was celebrated which was well attended by young people from the parish. I was very impressed that the WYD committee was pretty much entirely made up of members of one family. Good on you young people of Maryborough, you are very friendly and I look very much forward to seeing you again in Sydney.

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