Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Community at Wadeye

After spending most of today, from 8:30am to 6:00pm driving out to Wadeye we eventually made it there and were greeted at the outskirts by an excited bunch of guys even though we were running hours late. From here, still in quite humid and hot weather, a massive procession began which ended just outside the church grounds where the evening’s liturgy took place.

Wadeye is a community that has had division with 2 groups opposing each other on different issues within the entire community. However tonight this was not evident as the entire community turned out and everyone gathered around the Cross and Icon in unity. After a short liturgy and welcoming of the Message stick the locals eagerly took the opportunity to pray before these powerful symbols before they were taken into the church for the night.

The few hours that the community had the opportunity to spend with the Cross and Icon it was well worth it and a highlight for me because you could just feel in the air the hope and love that was there this evening, a night that will forever remain in my memory of when the Cross and Icon had a powerful impact on a small community.

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