Saturday, 1 September 2007

Saturday night in Rocky

Today the journey of the Cross and Icon through Australia entered its second month, as the symbols were welcomed in Rockhampton. The Cross and copy of the Icon were taken to the top of Mt Archer, into the City Centre Plaza and through the Kenshaw Gardens. The day’s activities were drawn together with a celebration of the Eucharist at the Cathedral, which was followed by a youth prayer vigil.

As I walked into the Cathedral I was struck by how full it was. Parishioners, students from The Cathedral College and visitors had come in great number to celebrate the Cross and Icon being with them in their place. As a young person I’m aware that Saturday night is usually a time for partying, hanging with mates and generally having a good time. It occurred to me that many of the young people present could easily have been somewhere else – but they were at the Cathedral. Through their faith and eagerness to be close to the Cross and Jesus the one it symbolises, the Cathedral was a place to party, hang with mates and have a good time.

The prayer vigil was a special, blessed time with the Cross as young people shared about their faith experiences. Fr Brian invited us all to venture deeper in our relationship with Jesus; to go beyond a superficial experience and to invite Him into all aspects of our own reality.

Thank you people of Rocky for a lovely evening, Jess


Anonymous said...


It was an awesome experience wasn't it!! I was greatly moved myself that night especially after such a long day organising the Stations at the Kershaw Gardens.
How do you put photos onto this thing? I have quite a few if you want them.
love Naomi
p.s. It was so good meeting you all.
I realised when we were leaving Yeppoon last night that instead of saying goodbye to the cross we said goodbye to the team. As we discussed in the car about it on the way home just because the cross is a powerful symbol of Christ it is Jesus in us ALL that draws us together and it is in Him in each other that we are touched and moved to love be Christ to one another. It is us as people that show the cross of Christ to the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info about the weekend. I have been showing the kids at school what has been going on with the journey of the cross. AHving the photos of Biloela was good as the studens were able to connect with the reality of it. If anyone has any photos of the cross at the kershaw gardens (or other time) it would be geat for the class to see what effect that it had on people in Rocky.
Cheers Jacqueline- God Bless hope all is going well with the journey to Mackay.

Anonymous said...

you can email photos to

World Youth Day Cross & Icon said...

Hey Naomi and Jacqueline!
Thanks for you comments. It was a really special time, which was enhanced by committed young people like you guys! Please add your photos of Kershaw Gardens Naomi because we weren't at that event and it would be great to see some of the pics.
You should be able to create your own blog entry, with options for adding photos and all. Jacs says please tell us about Emu Park too!
God Bless, Jess :)

Naomi said...

I don't have photos of the Kershaw Gardens (as my camera's batteries were charging) but I'll see what I can dig up and I'll post the photos on the newly created blog I just made.... I just hope I know how to use it!

Anonymous said...

The hour reserved for prayer and reconciliation was absolutely excellent! Very moving and spiritual. Thankyou Jess and Geoff for your testimonials, and everyone who was involved. I didn't get any photos myself, so does anyone know where I can see some from the day at Biloela and the two days at Rocky? (we followed it from Bilo to Rocky). Thanks, Patrice

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