Monday, 3 September 2007

A night of Celebrations

The evening was kicked off in Mackay with everyone gathering at the Soundshell with a concert led by many of the local musicians and the Emmanuel worship band from Brisbane. It was a night of much excitement with many of the locals having their opportunity to venerate the Cross and Icon.

From the Soundshell the Cross and Icon made its way in procession up to St Patricks church where mass was celebrated with a beautiful choir of singers that really brought the mass alive. With the Church as full as anyone had seen in a long time the Cross helped to re-ignite a passion amongst the youth especially with the extraordinary balance of the people in the church being young. I personally was delighted to see so many young people gathering for mass at the end of a long day. A mass that I really got a lot out of as I was able to be there and pray with the youth of Mackay and then even bump into some of them down in the street afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

it was so cool to touch the cross

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